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E2E provides combined connectivity – both cellular and Iridium satellite, allowing you to track and monitor your cargo anywhere and anytime.


IoTrace is a fully customizable visibility and data analysis software platform designed for the supply chain industry.


IoTrace Universal Supply Chains Visibility Platform, built for the supply chain of the future-ready for use today.


Credibly innovate granular internal or “organic” sources whereas high standards in web-readiness. Dramatically engage top-line web development.


Service and Offerings

  • Single & Multi Used TrackersE2E Solution builds and customized Cellular/GPS Single & Multi Used Tracking devices for Supply Chain Cargo Tracking & Security. The tracker can last from one week to a few years.
  • Air Freight MonitoringIoTrace Air is a sophisticated tracking system, designed for monitoring and tracking air cargo. To comply with the airlines’ regulations, the cellular modem is deactivated during take-off and reactivated automatically upon landing
  • Shipping Container SecurityProviding a complete tracking and monitoring solution for dry containers. This includes both real-time and after the fact report of your container, documenting its entire journey and highlighting any irregular event.
  • Powerful ScalabilityDo not restrict your supply chain visibility and security to the limitations of one data source provider i.e. one tracking device company. Supply chain operations are diverse, complex and many times unpredictable.

Operational Philosophy


Do not restrict your supply chain visibility and security to the limitations of one data source provider i.e. one tracking device company. Supply chain operations are diverse, complex and many times unpredictable. The chances of having one tracking device manufacture or one data source having all the solutions to your complex supply chain operation is slim to none. Don’t compromise the safety, visibility and security of your supply chain to the capabilities of just one data source or device manufacture.


Supply chain operations include a vast array of variables that many suppliers find it difficult to have easy access to a platform and data source supplier that can meet every intricate demand of their operations. Some operations require real-time visibility over an extended period, while others require only notifications when set thresholds have been triggered by an event. Other operations may require costly devices with specific sensors, while others may require low-cost simple location trackers only. Also, some supply chain operations may require unique data collection devices that are specially designed for air and sea. These are just some of the complexities that our supply chain partners face.

Concepts Powerful Scalability

Universal Supply Chain Data

Visualizing your supply chain digitally

Collect ° Receive ° Analyze ° Visualize ° Execute
On-time delivery

In the world of supply chains, shipping and logistics there is one law of the land, and that’s the Service Level Agreement.

unsolvable mysteries

The problem with “snapshot” scanning isn’t what you know, but what you don’t know. Two scans, days apart – what happened in between them?

$1.6 Trillion in business

You can think about this two different ways, depending on where you sit — let’s consider two transportation providers, with one using scan-based tracking and the other using GPS and cellular networks for real-time information.


E2E Technologies

  • ConceptsConceptsUsing edge computing, raw data is turned into actionable information businesses use to transform operations and optimize the bottom line.
  • DesignDesignAn onboard accelerometer enables tamper detection through movement, in which an embedded temperature sensor helps monitor and protect assets during transportation in a controlled temperature environment.
  • UsabilityUsabilityOur dashboards use maps, graphs, and analytics to easily access information and get further insights from IoTrace across your distribution network.
  • ProgrammingProgrammingIoTrace, the new high-value asset tracker by End2End Solution, utilizes patented technology to perform cellular and GPS tracking and monitoring of business and personal assets with an unprecedented level of visibility.